Friday, January 14, 2011

How to open a Blog, part 2

The second post of How to open a Blog.

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Windows live writer: Tag providers, Part 2

Part 1

Well after I missed informed you about how the tag providers get your tags I decided to research it a bit more thoroughly. It seems that most tag providers use an index system of web crawlers that might use the tag links as reference to your site.

Let start with IceRocket:

On the bottom right of the site there is a place to submit your blog:


On the page opened click on “Ping Blog” (I quit in the middle it just took too long…):


IceRocket crawls over sites having tags in the format of:

<a href="[tag_name]" rel="tag">[tag_name]</a>

Tags from Windows Live Writer are in the standard.

The tracker uses a ping back system but since I have seen my blog there I am pretty sure Blogger already implements this. But just in case I have done something extra and registered to the IceRocket Tracker (see How to open a Blog, part 2).



Go to the Technorati site and Sign In. Enter your profile by clicking on your name on the top right corner.

On the bottom enter your blog as “My claimed blogs”:


Enter your site information, in site tags I just entered the categories from my Notes blog.

You will receive an email telling you your claim was registered.

Later checking the status will tell you to post a new post with a token so just post it with the title Testing and click on validate.

This is after check of the token passed:


You can now delete the Testing post.

//TODO: Write what happens next…


Uses bookmarks to discover your blog. You can subscribe to it and start bookmarking your blog or add a delicious button encouraging your users to save a bookmark of your blog.


I am sorry but all the other Tag providers are just not relevant to me:

  • LiveJournal – seems to want you to write your stories into it
  • Flickr – wants you to post your photos to their site and I am not going to go over all my blog photos and do that.
  • Others – just not technological…





add a delicious button

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