Saturday, January 15, 2011

Notes: Order of posts to complete – 14/1/2011

As I said before this is not my real blog just a place holder for the drafts for my real blog. Subscribers should note that the blog posts are being updated on the fly, so use a feed reader that can handle this.

I am sure some of you are wondering why I don’t post some of the more complete posts and for those posts I simply would like to post them in a certain order. It’s like writing a story I can’t really post on FluentMigrator before I write about the SDE or ArcObjects (since extending FluentMigrator is all about using ArcObjects to deploy the SDE).

I have decided to write here the order of the Notes’ drafts I am going to work on:

  1. Introduction – posted
  2. Writing Posts – posted
  3. Windows Live Writer: Tag Providers – posted
  4. How to open a Blog – posted
  5. Hello Note – Not to be posted
  6. How to open a Blog, part 2 – posted
  7. Windows Live Writer: Tag providers, Part 2 – need to go over all the tag providers and need to get a response from some of them so it might take some time
  8. Writing code in a Blog Post – need to post my new default “Paste as Visual Studio” settings
  9. This Developer’s Tool Set – need to complete that post, there are some more tools I didn’t write
  10. How to fix the blog’s look? – even though a simple settings fixed the problem I want others to learn from my struggle… Need to give some explanations for the post.
  11. To Resharper or not to Resharper
  12. The Library example – Haven’t decided on posting this or not might change it to sheep and shepherds…
  13. Unit Tests – Introduction
  14. Unit Tests: What to Test?
  15. Unit Test Code Coverage
  16. To Rhino or not to Rhino?
  17. Tracking down a simple bug
  18. Geographic Coordinates Systems
  19. Starting with ArcObjects
  20. TODO: Extending ArcObjects
  21. Multithreading with ArcObjects
  22. Mocking ESRI (testing wise)
  23. TODO: SQL
  24. TODO: SQL Server
  25. Selecting Distinct Rows
  26. SQL Server 2008–Freeing File system space
  27. SQL Server 2008–Forget a user/password
  28. ArcSDE–Connection to the Geodatabase
  29. TODO: ArcSDE: Different DB types
  30. ArcSDE/SQL Server Tables–What is Sde’s and what is Regular
  31. SDE – A look at the layer table structure
  32. Reading SDE queries
  33. Deleting SDE left over tables
  34. IWorkspace - Communication link failure
  35. TODO: WorkspaceProvider
  36. TODO: WorkspaceUtils
  37. Working with CAD files in ArcObjects
  38. Upgrading the code base from ArcGIS 9.3.1 to 10
  39. ArcSDE–Adding domains from code
  40. FluentMigrator: Introduction
  41. FluentMigrator: Understanding the Framework Code
  42. FluentMigrator: Extending the Framework
  43. Stuck Database – the JOY!

I have some more posts to which I haven’t decided the order:

  1. Python – Introduction
  2. Silverlight ESRI App - IIS is dead–Error 5011
  3. Calling ArcGIS Server service model
  4. .NET Framework NGEN service stopped: What’s that?
  5. VS2010: “The project type is not supported by this...
  6. Configuring Silverlight Applications
  7. ArcGIS Server layer problem (DB is down)
  8. Clearing ArcGIS Server REST API Cache
  9. Restart ArcGIS Server service
  10. Simplify and the ArcEngine license
  11. ESRI License error
  12. Rename Polyline layer


I think that’s enough for now…