Friday, January 28, 2011

Notes: Order of posts to complete – 29/1/2011

As I said before this is not my real blog just a place holder for the drafts for my real blog. Subscribers should note that the blog posts are being updated on the fly, so use a feed reader that can handle this (Google Reader will not mark the post differently for updated posts).

I am sure some of you are wondering why I don’t post some of the more complete posts and for those posts I simply would like to post them in a certain order. It’s like writing a story I can’t really post on FluentMigrator before I write about the SDE or ArcObjects (since extending FluentMigrator is all about using ArcObjects to deploy the SDE).

Since at this point in time I have 55 draft posts I decided to add categories to the posts:

  • Title Draft – only has a title and lots of TODOs
  • Draft – has some text but the text is rough
  • Beta – almost ready: spelling, ordering, checking the grammar…
  • Post In Wait – waiting for another post before posting

I have also decided to post the exceptions/error solving posts without waiting for background posts (if they are ready). Since they are mostly posts I am not going to edit.

I have decided to write here the order of the Notes’ drafts I am going to work on:

  1. Introduction – posted
  2. Writing Posts – posted
  3. Windows Live Writer: Tag Providers – posted
  4. How to open a Blog – posted
  5. Hello Note – Not to be posted
  6. How to open a Blog, part 2 – posted
  7. Windows Live Writer: Tag providers, Part 2 – need to go over all the tag providers and need to get a response from some of them so it might take some time, Technorati is still giving me hard times.
  8. Writing code in a Blog Post – posted
  9. This Developer’s Tool Set – posted
  10. Switching Comment System: IntenseDebate – posted
  11. To Resharper or not to Resharper - posted
  12. How to fix the blog’s look? – posted
  13. Fixing Error 2104: Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application (IIS7) – posted
  14. To be a Developer (again) - Beta
  15. Offline Blog Writing Applications - Draft
  16. The Library example – Haven’t decided on posting this or not might change it to sheep and shepherds…
  17. Unit Tests – Introduction – Draft: code, finish the post
  18. Unit Tests: What to Test?  - Draft: code, go over all the cases, add my Resharper template, the image is low quality
  19. Unit Test Code Coverage – Title Draft: even the TODOs are rough…
  20. To Rhino or not to Rhino? – Draft: code, font, the explanations are too short
  21. Tracking down a simple bug - Draft: code, font, draw the examples
  22. Geographic Coordinates Systems - posted
  23. Starting with ArcObjects - Beta: images in old style, code, font
  24. Geographic Database: ESRI File Formats – Beta: the table color is bad ***
  25. File GeoDatabase: Getting the Workspace – Draft: might need to split to 2 posts
  26. TODO: Extending ArcObjects
  27. Multithreading with ArcObjects – Draft: font, code, TODOs
  28. Mocking ESRI (testing wise) – Title Draft: even the TODOs are rough… Though the title is just right!
  29. TODO: SQL
  30. TODO: SQL Server
  31. Database Queries Trick 1: Query XML - posted
  32. Selecting Distinct Rows – Beta: check if the query can be copied from VS
  33. SQL Server 2008–Freeing File system space – Draft: need to finish the post
  34. SQL Server 2008–Forget a user/password – Beta: remove the unused del tags, change the ending a bit ***
  35. ArcSDE–Connection to the Geodatabase – Draft: write how to get the service number, images in old style, remove del tags
  36. TODO: ArcSDE: Different DB types
  37. SDE – A look at the layer table structure – Draft: images, font, write about deleting features and triggers
  38. Reading SDE queries – Draft: images, font, weird characters, SQL, del tags, grammer
  39. Deleting SDE left over tables – Draft: images, font, SQL, rewrite query
  40. IWorkspace - Communication link failure – Draft:Code need to be fixed,  find a solution
  41. TODO: WorkspaceProvider
  42. TODO: WorkspaceUtils
  43. Working with CAD files in ArcObjects – Draft: code, links, font
  44. Upgrading the code base from ArcGIS 9.3.1 to 10 – Beta: images, code, del tags
  45. ArcSDE–Adding domains from code – Beta: refactor the code
  46. FluentMigrator: Introduction – Beta: order, TODOs ***
  47. FluentMigrator: Understanding the Framework Code – Draft: TODOs
  48. FluentMigrator: Extending the Framework – Draft: not finished
  49. ArcSDE/SQL Server Tables–What is Sde’s and what is Regular – Beta: SQL query, del tags, post after FM
  50. Stuck Database – the JOY! – Beta: font, images, maybe add a conclusion, post after intro to FM
  51. Linq2Sql: Changing the Database Schema at Runtime (without XMLs) – Draft: still waiting for a solution

I have some more posts to which I haven’t decided the order:

  1. Python – Introduction – Draft: just not written well
  2. Silverlight ESRI App - IIS is dead–Error 5011 – Draft: TODOs, wrong date, del tags
  3. Calling ArcGIS Server service model - Beta: font, images, del tags ***
  4. .NET Framework NGEN service stopped: What’s that? - posted
  5. VS2010: “The project type is not supported by this... – Beta: cut the post (won’t continue to work on it), images, font ***
  6. Configuring Silverlight Applications – Beta: missing code of the aspx, using code should be from VS **
  7. Clearing ArcGIS Server REST API Cache – Beta: font, images, del tags ***
  8. ArcGIS Server layer problem (DB is down) – Beta: font, images, post clearing cache first, del tags ***
  9. Restart ArcGIS Server service – Beta: font, images, del tags ***
  10. Simplify and the ArcEngine license – Draft: code, font, images, name should be different
  11. ESRI License error – Draft: code, font, images, name should be different
  12. Rename Polyline layer – Beta: code, font
  13. Address Locator Style: Introduction – Draft: finish a working style before posting this
  14. Address Locator Style: Customizing Guide – Draft: finish a working style before posting this
  15. Address Locator Style: Testing – Draft: finish a working style before posting this
  16. IntelliTrace: – Draft: still rough
  17. TODO: Using DotTrace
  18. Writing a Windows Live Writer Plugin – Draft: didn’t write one…, images, del tags, ice tags
  19. Coded UI testing for Silverlight application – Draft: really rough, font, images

I think that’s enough for now…